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  • ​How to create MORE options than your opponent ...The secret is the MOVE TWICE concept that will work even if you’ve never trained in martial arts. (Page99).
  • ​THE LEANING FACTOR, how to position yourself to defeat your opponent before they attack. (Starting on page 100).
  • ​The fastest way to defeat your opponent. (Whatever you do, DON'T stimulate their peripheral vision!) Page 28
  • ​An unusual psychological effect that slows down time in combat and will give you the advantage every time.
  • ​Why you don't want to memorize any more techniques. (see page 141)
  • ​Subtlety and blending - the misunderstood secret
  • Use of illusion - creating the VOID in your opponent (see page 122)
  • ​​The Kosho Mind - achieve growth through freedom (see page 159)
  • ​Onna no atemi - female percussion striking. Total impact and total destruction through the use of proper angling (see page 104)
  • ​Escaping arts - the highest form of martial arts expression. It's not what you think..
  • ​Why the Old Masters Taught Wrong on Purpose.
  • ​All in all, over 50 Little Known Strategies. Strategies applicable to many different arts - throwing, striking, kicking and weaponry.
  • And much, much more!

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